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Driven largely by a restlessness to advance the state of the art in my field and an annoyance with armchair advice and junk science, I lead and collaborate on research projects focused on:

The psychology of startup teams

Martin created Google’s Effective Founders Project, a global research program using people analytics to understand what makes the best startup founders succeed. Other topics: the challenges of first-time CEOs, the risks of obsessive passion, and founder confidence.

Revolutionary tech in organizations

How AI and Quantum Computing will shape organizational life in ways we don’t yet see, tech optimism, and the utopian impulse behind startups tackling social and ecological challenges.

Organization design of innovators

Scaling challenges of startups, the org designs of the world’s most innovative research labs, and post-merger acquisition in tech.


Research collaborations

Google’s Effective Founders Project

Using people analytics to understand what makes the best startup founders succeed, and sharing their success formula with the world.

Does Leadership Shape the Performance Trajectories of Early-Stage Startups?

With Wharton’s Valentina Assenova and Ndubuisi Ugwuanyi, we find that startups with more effective leaders as evaluated by their co-founders, employees, investors, and advisory board members achieved higher revenue, innovation, funding, scaling, and longevity.

Journal of Org Design

Guest editor of special issue "Maverick Organization Design: An Examination of Its Appeal, Risk, and Effective Implementation."

Member of the board of the Organizational Design Community

An international community of scholars, executives, and organizations dedicated to advancing the theory and practice of organization design founded by luminaries in the field, including Jay R. Galbraith, Richard M. Burton (Duke University), Phanish Puranam (INSEAD), Charles Snow (Penn State University).


Martin lectures in some of the world’s most inspiring MBA and Engineering classrooms. His primary affiliation is with Stanford University, where we lectures on entrepreneurship, org culture, org analytics, and the impact of AI in organizational life. He co-teaches a course on Designing Org Culture with Kursat Ozenc, PhD in the, and frequently guest lectures in the Graduate School of Business on a cutting-edge course The Analytics of Org Design.

Guest lectures


  • Corporate Development: Mergers & Acquisitions with Paul Nary


London Business School

Academic Conferences

Johns Hopkins University

Singapore Management University

Tsinghua University

Cambridge Judge Business School

University of Michigan Ross School of Business

  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Development with Brian Wu

University of Asia and the Pacific

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