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Martin’s work with founders and leaders spans the globe

...having scaled leadership and culture workshops to thousands of founders across 70 countries through his work with Google’s Startup Accelerator, teaching at Stanford, Wharton and others, and his book The Bonfire Moment.

He is also experienced in consulting to leaders of large organizations, from Google’s Chief Scientist to a multi-billion dollar conglomerate CEO in Southeast Asia.

Invite me to discuss the unique insights of my book and research, conduct a workshop for your company/portfolio of companies, or consult on sticky people problems within your organization.


In his fireside chats and keynotes, Martin leverages his experience working with CEOs and tech founders, teaching in elite MBA and Engineering programs, and studying maverick orgs to guide leaders from pre-IPO companies to global corporations as they build cool things that matter.

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Speaking Programs

Solve the hardest problems startups face

Startup founders (pre-seed to series C), or aspiring founders. Martin will draw on his global research and experience advising founders at every stage – from pre-seed to Series C – to help both current and aspiring founders anticipate the biggest risks to success and identify common patterns affecting 90% of startups. He will share practical insights and actions to implement immediately.

Lead Like a Founder

C-suite, leaders at large organizations. For leaders who are pursuing ambitious goals under tight resource constraints and needing to break free from traditional industry logic to make significant innovative leaps, Martin reveals insights into the world of the most effective founders and how to adopt their mindset. He’ll focus on drawing from the deepest motivational sources to be as tenacious as startups, balancing speed with strategic slow moves, and learning the adaptive instincts of founders that build companies that last.

Fireside Chat/Facilitated Q&A

All audiences. Host a 60-minute live Q&A with Martin, led by someone on your team, focusing on key topics like learning to be an effective founder at a startup or within large organizations, leading bold innovation efforts, and growing as a leader. Alternatively, Martin can design and moderate a panel with your leaders, centered on themes of your choosing.


Martin’s workshops waste no time on fluff, junk science, or superficial content, a refreshing approach in an industry often filled with these excesses. He conducts workshops for founders, leaders, and HR professionals around strategic people topics: Becoming an effective founder, building a strong culture, building an OKR culture, and people analytics.

Reach out to learn more about other workshops that are in the works.


Martin is a trusted sparring partner for CEOs and tech leaders in rapidly scaling or large organizations. His expertise is in steering through the org complexities of fast-paced growth and, in a downturn, market disruption. He helps leaders that need to decisively pivot their company, enhance collaboration between seasoned operators and founder-CXOs, bridge over the culture clashes of a merger or acquisition, or tackle the downsides that come with growth—losing the special culture from the early days and the deep commitment to the mission.

He has seen businesses succeed and fail across virtually every industry and continent, showing CEOs how to spot and avoid the potholes that CEOs systematically fall into.

He has a no-bullshit, incisive, evidence-basd, and practical approach to the work. The duration of his consulting projects varies, spanning from brief weeks to extended months, and occasionally, when necessary, years.

As seen in The Bonfire Moment:


I have worked with Martin on effective organizational structures to best support Google's research teams. This is a complex area, since there are many different research teams, projects and desired directions, and designing effective structures that support collaboration without feeling overly stifling is critical to achieving long-term breakthroughs. Martin provided many wise words of advice over the years, and I'm excited that through this book, Martin and Josh will provide this sort of wisdom to a broader audience.

Jeff Dean, Chief Scientist, Google

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